As Australia’s national centre for elite vocational classical dance and the school of The Australian Ballet, we aspire to be at the forefront, internationally, as providers of a unique, professional dance training programme that produces dancers with a distinctive Australian style, balances technique and artistry with educational needs and holistic care, trains teachers and develops the artistic leaders of the future, and advances the art of ballet.

The Australian Ballet School will continue to produce dancers of the highest calibre for our parent company, The Australian Ballet, and companies around the world. Our aim is to balance the rigorous demands of professional training with a creative, caring and challenging environment where excellence can flourish.

Our environment is conducive to producing artistic, educated and outstanding dancers of the highest international standard. We aim to nurture young talent so that every provision is made for the best to be the best – to guide students to develop into well-balanced human beings, with a strong ethical sense – well fed in body, mind and spirit. In fulfilling this, the School’s training programme includes world-class health and welfare support and access to academic education. The School endeavours to ensure that no enrolled student is denied the opportunity to train due to financial constraints.