Acoustic Voice is incredibly grateful for the ongoing support of
Joy and Tim Curtis of Nutrimetics.


After two previous professional careers including “show business” as a performer and a teacher of Dance and Drama, Joy is now continuing to use all her talents combined into running a Nutrimetics business.

The ethical framework of Nutrimetics skin care, makeup, body products and chemical free cleaning range resonated as a personal choice for Joy and her family over 33 years ago, but it has now been 6 years since leaving teaching that Nurtimetics is a full-time role.

As an Executive Sales Manager responsible for the training and mentorship of over 300 consultants, it is where all the skills and passion for education and knowledge have led to Joy and her business being awarded “Top Team” 2013 in Victoria and 3rd Executive Sales Management business in Australia 2013.

It is an honour to support the Performing Arts field with companies such as Acoustic Voice because of the holistic relationship between performers working to achieve peak results and Nutrimetics products nurturing their wellness