Barry Plant

Barry Plant is the proud sponsor of Acoustic Voice for 2013/2014. Barry Plant is an award winning property group with extensive experience in real estate. For further information please contact


It is an honour to support the Performing Arts field with companies such as Acoustic Voice because of the holistic relationship between performers working to achieve peak results and Nutrimetics products nurturing their wellness

The Australian Ballet School

As Australia’s national centre for elite vocational classical dance and the school of The Australian Ballet, we aspire to be at the forefront, internationally, as providers of a unique, professional dance training programme that produces dancers with a distinctive Australian style, balances technique and artistry with educational needs and holistic care, trains teachers and develops the artistic leaders of the future, and advances the art of ballet.

The Australian Ballet School will continue to produce dancers of the highest calibre for our parent company, The Australian Ballet, and companies around the world. Our aim is to balance the rigorous demands of professional training with a creative, caring and challenging environment where excellence can flourish.