At Acoustic Voice, the whole space sings. The truth of these performances will resonate with you.

The company evolved from Victorian Music Theatre, and was founded in 2012 by Dr Graham Clarke. Collectively, the members of Acoustic Voice bring years of experience to the stage. With their truly live performances, they hope to create thrilling, engaging theatre that will move you.

Acoustic Voice is dedicated to authenticity – in interpretation, sound, and experience.

What was the composer’s original intention? The performers at Acoustic Voice examine this question to find the heart of the song. And then express it. Their unique vocal technique allows them to sing live, without microphones, amplification or auto-tuning. The theatre, the musicians, and the singers unite as one; one composite, original instrument giving voice to a myriad of emotions – for you to experience.

In modern Theatre, elaborate sound systems are used. The music and the performers’ voices are all projected through massive speakers. The sound is dislocated from the performers’ bodies, making it sometimes difficult to work out who is speaking. Artificial sound also means that the connection between the performers and the audience is no longer instantaneous. And the audience become passive observers of spectacle.

Once, however, thousands could gather in an auditorium and find themselves completely captivated by the performers and orchestra. Without a single piece of technology, every voice could be heard. Acoustic Voice strives to re-capture this dynamic experience – to engage, excite, and connect with their audience.

With a host of concerts, programs and theatre pieces, 2016/17 offers you the opportunity to re-connect with theatre, and to feel the sincerity of the authentic Acoustic Voice.